Carena Breast Pump Manual White


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Make life with your baby a little bit easier with the user-friendly Breast Pump Manual in White from Carena. ? The compact size is perfect for travelling. ? Grip-friendly handle with an ergonomic angle that allows you to sit comfortably whilst pumping. ? The breast pump has two phases; the stimulation phase and suction phase. ? Ventilated to minimize vacuum. ? Wide-neck bottle (120 ml) Suction pacifier and sealing lid included so you can easily feed the baby directly or store the milk in the refrigerator after pumping. ? An adapter for standard bottles is included if you wish to use a standard bottle when pumping. ? CE marked. Included in the package: ? Manual pump. ? Wide-neck bottle (120 ml) ? Screw ring and lid cover. ? Closure cap. ? Standard bottle adapter. ? Bottle stand.


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