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From the innovative brand Medela, the Freestyle Breast Pump is the world’s smallest high performance electric pump, guaranteeing ultra-comfortable and effective breast milk expression. ? Two-Phase Expression® technology. ? Proven to produce more milk in less time. ? Double pumping efficiency with two electric pumps. ? Up to 18% more milk compared to single pumping. ? Mimics baby’s nursing rhythm, therefore gentle on the breast. ? The electric motor is extremely quiet. ? Separate breast pump motor and tubing enables greater mobility. ? Easy to assemble, use and clean. ? Includes the Calma solitaire teat. ? BPA Free. ? Requires Lithium Ion battery (included). ? Made in Switzerland. What you get: ? 4 x 150ml bottles with Calma teat. ? Breast pump. ? 2 x bottle stands. ? Motor unit. ? 4 bottle lids and disc. ? 2 x bottle caps. ? Cooler bag. ? Freezer pack. ? Hand bag. ? Battery. ? 2 x breast shields.